Create React App – Google Workbox Override without ejecting This article began my journey of overriding CRA’s workbox configuration without ejecting. Nice overview of caching strategies Used this to Setup the different Routes

Create React App – PWA Caching Challenge

In developing my latest Progressive Web App, I came across the following problem. Note I was using Create-React-App at at the time, it did not allow for modifying the workbox it used to generate its Service Worker. I found this article which provides a way to create a custom SW without ejecting from CRA.  Challenge The … Read more

My ReactJS tools and development setup

Started working with ReactJS from late 2018 and these are some of tools, libraries I use. Create-React-App easy to get going and allows one to focus on the code – Docs CSS Framework Choosing a framework can be time consuming, but I chose MDB because for a little money you support and I don’t like wasting … Read more

Importing SVGs as Components in ReactJS

If you attempt to import a SVG as a Component in ReactJS, ensure that your SVG has viewBox values. Design tools would automatically include them. Lesson Learned!  I was trying to make a SVG responsive but no matter what I tried it did not work. I was optmizing the SVGs before using them in ReactJS, if … Read more

ReactJS – Common Project Tasks in my Web App Development

These are tasks/steps I follow in my current development process that is common among my front-end development in ReactJS. I mostly use create-react-app (CRA). Organisational Pages – try to make them “copy/paste” as possible between projects as it is the same organisation Create-React-App – default settings MDB React CSS React-Router-Dom (used MDB) Router setup with … Read more