Server Pilot and some Linux Commands

I have always been an advocate of Server Pilot (SP), using Cloud or Dedicated Servers. If you have a website that does alot of traffic and the likes of Kinsta is not affordable, then with some basic linux skills and SP you can have your own server.

BACKUP FILES (zips current folder)

zip -r .
zip -r .

mysqldump –password –user PASSWORD DB-NAME | gzip > pc_db.sql.gz

zcat mc-DB.sql.gz | mysql –password –user PASSWORD mc_db_dec2018
zcat mc-DB.sql.gz | mysql –password –user PASSWORD mc_db_dec2018
zcat pc_db.sql.gz | mysql –password –user PASSWORD pc_db_jan2019

e.g. ZIP:
zip -r tecmint_files

Restarting Services

sudo service apache-sp restart
sudo service nginx-sp restart
sudo service php7.2-fpm-sp restart
sudo service mysql restart

The service names are nginx-sp, apache-sp, and phpX.Y-fpm-sp, where X.Y is the PHP version.

File Permissioms

sudo chown -R uUSERNAME:pPASSWORD /srv/users/uUSERNAME:/apps

Performance Issues