My ReactJS tools and development setup

Started working with ReactJS from late 2018 and these are some of tools, libraries I use.


easy to get going and allows one to focus on the code – Docs

CSS Framework

Choosing a framework can be time consuming, but I chose MDB because for a little money you support and I don’t like wasting time finding solutions. Also, I found Material UI off putting. 

MDBootstrap – Many free choices but this one comes with support, example snippets and based on a Material Design Bootstrap (Try the free version) (Support) (components) (changelog)

MDB uses react-router-dom, but would recommend it either way.

I would prefer to use something really simple like, but it lacks too much components. Maybe for very small projects.

ReactJS – ReactJS Docs, Blog etc

Visual Studio


Amazing platform that integrates with GitHub, push code, automated builds and deployments. – useful to setup for receiving contact form submissions. 

Google Maps: – 37K – 88K Downloads

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