How to Add SVG Brand Icons In-line

Why would you do this? Instead of loading an image (jpg/png/svg) per platform, we can simply embed the SVGs into html. In this case, it saves from having 7 http requests and thus helps with website performance. CSS is also inline. The example below uses official brand colors. and brand SVG logos from … Read more

Websites for a Non Profit Organisation

If you based in South Africa you can use this organisation which offers websites at a low cost. If you outside of South Africa, look for organisations that assist other organisations im building online presences. Also, look out for opportunities to have it done at a hackathon. It is a meeting of software development … Read more

The Impact of a Slow Website

Often I engage with clients and they have strong views on the design of the website, and wanting to put content that slows the website for little to no real value. Slow Websites have real negative impacts that have been researched and recorded. This is a basic outline for my clients. Short Story Your website … Read more

Create React App – Google Workbox Override without ejecting This article began my journey of overriding CRA’s workbox configuration without ejecting. Nice overview of caching strategies Used this to Setup the different Routes

Set Featured Image Automatically using ACF

Create a category image using ACF, field  = category_image This function will automatically (on saving the post or updating) look for the FIRST category assigned to it Then it will lookup that categories image and assign as a Featured Image to the Post